Verden is one of the most developed kingdoms among the realms divided. Thanks to its ancient military tradition it has enjoyed relative safety against invaders and although the population itself is very oppressed they are used to the strong leadership of the Verden royal bloodline.

The latest king - Legus, has continued with this tradition and in few short years after his ascension he dramatically increased the size and importance of military. His trusted "The Spearheads" are well know for their discipline, courage and outstanding performance in any combat situation.

The major vassals of the Verden kings have not changed in a long while. Despite numerous power struggles the counts of Mornisgton have retained their position as a powerhouse, at times rivaling the kings themselves. Their famous knights are a thing to behold in a charge.

Next of importance are the barons of Arteziast - a northernmost fief in the kingdom it is a home for hard and stout men.

The major cities in Verden are of course the capital itself, the city of Kavernskal with the population of 10,000 people at the start of Leguses reign and the port city Marilondium sheltering 6,000 citizens. The last prominent city is Emverten, the site of the famous batlle fought by the greatest Verden king Roufus "Shakespear".

Verden is also famous for its numerous castles. Apart from the three great families each noble has at least a fortified tower in his manor.